Hello! Since many of my Instagram followers ask me questions about our new baby bed at Adeline’s nursery room I decided to include all its details here. As you maybe have noticed we use Ella’s old Ikea baby bed at our bedroom and Adeline sleeps there at nights, however for her own nursery room I was looking for something looking more like scandinavian modern style. Unfortunately it was quite hard to find such bed in Turkey, generally baby beds look more like country style here. That’s why I decided to order one at Woodies Safe Dreams online store from Poland. Maybe some of you can say: what a madness! ordering furnitures from abroad :-)! But I’m really glad that I did it and I would do it again 🙂 I found the model I was just looking for (additionally with star detail!) and shipping from Poland took only about 5 days. Let’s have a look at our new baby bed then.


Our new baby bed is of course white 😉 As you already know for me it is an obvious choice almost every time! I also found another lovely Woodies’ furnitures in mint and gray but since these colours are not available for baby beds I purchased the white one.


And here is the star detail (on right) that I’ve mentioned before. I really like it so much! Moreover there is a special part protecting your baby’s head (on left):

PicMonkey Image1

I really liked Woodies baby cribs and was going to buy a one but finally I decided on classic baby bed.



More types of classic baby beds are available at Woodies online store , I really like the one we have however I found the new model now, with smooth corners and just felt in love with it! I wish it was available when I was placing my order, it’s just perfect, what do you think about?

PicMonkey Image2IMG_6824

The great thing about our new baby bed is that it’s incredibly easy to assemble it if you compare it for example with our old Ikea’s bed. My husband was very happy when he fixed it just in 3 minutes !



The bed is made of wood, it’s as light as a feather but on the other hand it’s very solid.


I really liked our new baby bed and hope that we’ll use it during next years. I don’t regret that I ordered it from so far away 🙂


Don’t forget that a payment via PayPal is available at Woodies online store

Have you ever purchased any furnitures from abroad? What are your experiences?




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