moi mili kapak

Dear Friends! Usually I’m blogging only in Turkish however this time I would like to resume my last blog post also in English and share our new baby girl Adeline’s nursery with you.  We moved to our new flat and now little girl has her own tiny room. She stays here during a daytime while at nights she sleeps with us at our bedroom.

In order to decorate her little space this time I made shopping from my motherland Poland and today I would like to share with you the results of my collaboration with lovely Polish brand Moi Mili , who produces fairytale accessories for nursery and kids rooms ♥ And the great thing about this is that all their products are handmade!

Here are my girls: Ella and Adeline.

moi mili PicMonkey Image9

I found Moi Mili when searching the dream catchers in internet. As I could not find such decoration in Turkey, where I live in, I was very glad to find it at local manufacturer in Poland. This is how my adventure with Moi Mili has started 🙂  The company is probably the biggest and the oldest dream catchers’ producer in my country. Here you can find different types of this lovely decoration: Moi Mili dream catchers.

moi mili PicMonkey Image11

I am really happy to see one of them at Adeline’s room, it’s so girly and tasteful at the same time, wow!

moi mili PicMonkey Image12moi mili P1

Another thing that I really badly desired for our new baby’s room was mobile but again – not available in Turkey 😦 Of course we have some carousels here but to be honest I just could not find exactly what I was looking for: something  soft, light and girly.

moi mili PicMonkey Image3Moi Mili‘s hand made mobiles are just perfect! Check here for different models: Moi Mili mobiles. 

moi mili PicMonkey Image13

When shopping for Adeline’s room I haven’t forgotten about Ella 🙂 Here is a lovely warbonnet that I found for her:

moi mili PicMonkey Image1

Adeline also wanted to try it out 😉 :

moi mili PicMonkey Image5

Ella just loves Indian tribes after she watched Peter Pan and just loves to play it all the time ♥ Here you can check different types of play accessories from Moi Mili: Moi Mili play accessories. 

moi mili PicMonkey Image2

And here is my last purchase – girly decoration banner. I really liked this model because it looks so different that triangle ones that I used to have till this time:

moi mili PicMonkey Image10moi mili PicMonkey Image4

I ordered it for Adeline’s bed however Ella also liked it and decided to use in a different way 🙂 :

moi mili PicMonkey Image7

Here are different types of Moi Mili’s banners: Moi Mili banners. 

moi mili PicMonkey Image6

International shipping is available as well as payment via . For further details please contact with Klaudia – brand’s owner: .

moi mili PicMonkey Image8

Have a lovely day! Greetings from Ankara ♥




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