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Hello again! Wow, do I start blogging regularly in English 🙂 ? It looks so because again I would like to resume my last blog post also in this language. But this time I want to show you the new room of my elder daughter Ella as well as some shopping that I made for my girls from one of my favourite Polish online stores – Dots My Love.

dots my love

Here is Ella’s new pastel room. Actually it’s quite similar to an old one however here she has definitely more space and the wall’s colour is pastel gray instead of white. I was going to decorate her new room with rhombus wallpaper however I could not find any in Turkey 😦 So I decided to use my favourite pattern in accessories but again it is not widely popular and available here (maybe apart from H&M Home but they sell such accessories only sometimes there). That’s why I was so glad to discover Dots My Love online store where you can purchase almost everything with rhombus as well as with many different modern patterns. And everything is handmade! 

dots my lovePicMonkey Image2 dots my love

I choose cushions and bed sheet with rhombus and also some star pillows for Ella. Did I tell you that star is my favourite pattern just after rhombus 🙂 ?

dots my lovePicMonkey Image4 dots my loveYou can check Dots My Love ‘s pillows offer here: Dots My Love pillows and also the wide range of beddings here: Dots My Love beddings. 

dots my lovePicMonkey Image3 dots my lovedots my lovePicMonkey Image5 dots my love

And here are my purchases also for my little Adeline’s room: let’s start with this cute baby changing table’s cover with rhombus. Check another types here: click click. 

dots my lovePicMonkey Image6 dots my love

The another new arrival for Adeline’s room from Dots My Love are these lovely long curtains with shining silver stars. Have a look for a different types and dimensions here: Dots My Love bed covers and curtains. 

dots my lovePicMonkey Image7 dots my love

I suppose that star pillows from Ella’s room look so sweet also at Adeline’s room and just can’t decide where to use them 🙂 By the way bed sheet with stars here is also from Dots My Love:

dots my lovePicMonkey Image8 dots my love

… as well as this super – cute mint bed sheet with little pink birds.

dots my lovePicMonkey Image11 dots my love

And the last but not least is organizer with 6 pockets for baby bed – to be honest it just rocked my Instagram when I shared its picture and everyone asked for it! 🙂 Check here for more: Dots My Love organizers and baby bed bracers. 

Please check all available patterns for all products available at site: patterns. 

dots my lovePicMonkey Image9 dots my love

The most important thing about Dots My Love online store is that the international shipping is available as well as a payment with PayPal. Unfortunately you can not use this option if you live in Turkey because PayPal quitted this country some months ago but there are not any problems with different countries. For more details you can contact: 

dots my lovePicMonkey Image10 dots my love

With love,




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